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Sparkle Classes
Sparkle Classes
Sparkle Classes

Sparkle Classes

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My mother firmly believes that a woman should have many polished facets, to be able to sparkle brightly, just like a diamond.

Sparkle - /ˈspɑːk(ə)l/:

  1. to shine brightly with flashes of light
  2. be vivacious and witty

Do you have a teen that is about to enter into adulthood, but lacking the confidence to really shine in social situations? Do you worry about their table etiquette and the way they present themselves? Do you yourself find it daunting to entertain? Do you wonder about the correct way to set a table or to serve a meal?

Don’t worry! Workshops with Liv provide a tailor made solution for you and/or your teen. Simply select the topics that are currently stealing your sparkle and Liv will ensure that you have regained your shine by the end of the workshop. These workshops take place in a relaxed environment to encourage open conversation and so facilitate learning, with tea and snacks at hand. The aim is to have fun while learning!

Please select any of the following topics and Liv will provide a tailor made class or series of classes to suit your needs:

  • Table etiquette
    • The importance of the RSVP
    • How to dress appropriately for the occasion
    • Table manners
    • How to thank the host
    • Mobile phones and technology at the table
    • Serving food to guests
    • Setting a beautiful table
  • The tea table
    • How to set a tea table
    • How to set a tea tray
    • How to make and serve tea
    • How to cut a cake
    • How to serve cakes and confectionary
  • Confident gifting
    • Selecting the appropriate gift
    • How to fabulously wrap a gift of any shape or size
    • How to write the perfect gift card
    • Sealing an envelope with a wax seal
  • How to make a good and lasting first impression
    • Entering a room
    • Greeting
    • Introductions
    • What if you do not really know many people / anyone at the party?
    • Posture
    • Dress
    • Body language
  • How to confidently introduce yourself socially or at the workplace
  • How to propose a toast
  • Making polite conversation with strangers
  • Table decoration for any occasion
  • How to confidently host a tea party or dinner party and have a busy life
    • Considering your guest list
    • Planning to fit preparation into a busy life
    • Why do seating arrangements for larger dinners?
    • Fabulous but easy food – how to make Woolies look gourmet…
    • Easy and fabulous table settings
    • Easy but stylish intimate tapas style dinners served from a bar cart in the lounge
  • Creative dinner party ideas
  • Basic flower arrangement
  • How to style a coffee table

I like to keep classes small and intimate to allow individual attention. Please enquire with me if you do not see your topic of interest – this list is not exhaustive. 

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